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 Your New IT chat mobile and Desktop  User Names and Passwords - Setup Instructions for “NeoiChat” on a PC or Notebook

1.)             Create a NEW Directory on your PC / Notebook called:   NeoiChat

2.)             Download the NeoiChat Installation Software file to the newly created directory NeoiChat on Your PC or Notebook.

3.)             To download the IT Desktop / Notebook PC Installation Software, please go to the following Website:   

4.)             Please down load the following Software:

a.)             IT Desktop Software : Neoi Chat Service IT Software

b.)             The Chat Software Manual: NEOI CHAT Services IT Chat Manual

c.)              Into the same Directory also copy the File ClientSettings.ini which was attached to the email you received.

d.)             Follow attached further instructions

e.)             For further questions and instructions contact


5.)             After the Download finished, go to your new NeoiChat directory and click on the ITSetup.exe file  to start installation. Installation will be automatic.


7.)             After Installation NEOI Chat will start automatically.

a.)             Receive Setup screen 1 


c.)              Click on “Next”

d.)             Click on “I accept”

e.)             Select Language ( English is default) click on “Next”  ITSetup2 screen

f.)               See Installation progress. After Installation NEOI Chat will start automatically


h.)             Receive initial start up template 4



i.)                Click on Settings , open settings template 5 , click on “Connection”



j.)               On Connection screen 6 , Change the following entries:




k.)             Primary Server address: change to >

l.)                Primary HTTP gateway : change to >




m.)           Then Click “OK”


n.)             You must restart the application, close application “X” , Exit by clicking on small little green icon in left lower corner of your PC icon section



o.)             The restart, click on the Instant-T Desktop Icon that automatically was created upon installation receive opening Template 7


p.)             Enter your NEOIChat Username and Password which you received from the NEOI Support Team




q.)             Check behind “REMEMBER PASSWORD”

r.)               Click on “CONNECT”

s.)              Now You may add User

t.)               Click on Users > Add instant-t user , insert the username of your NEOI 906 Username you received from the global service team or the neoi support chat  ( i.e. neoisupport )  > OK


u.)             Next… Click on Users > Add MSN user > insert the MSN username You received from the global service team    , or use your own msn or other messaging account which you have ( see below your personal Data)   or the information for the Neoi support team  > OK

v.)              Receive the entered users Template…




w.)           Register yourself with NeoiChat MSN Services ( required to communicate with other Users and other NEOI Mobile Users)

x.)             Click on the MSN Icon below get …




y.)              Check “MSN” and insert Username  ( ) ( xxx is your NeoiChat Username , normally a Phone number ) and Password which you received from the Service Team, or use your own MSN / Chat account with Your own Password…

z.)              Then > OK

aa.)        Now the MSN Icon in the lower corner shall turn Color and be connected




8.)             Now You are ready set up. Once You connect with your NEOI 906 to IT, you will see on Your PC a connect message.

9.)             Add more users…. Start communicating ….

10.)        Start from desktop Instant-T icon the NEOI Chat application



11.)  If you now also start up Your NEOI mobile device and it connects to the Service You will receive a notification on Your PC / Notebook like  below:


a.)  xxxxxx the user number of Your Neoi Mobile Phone IT Chat




b.)   the user name / number of Your Neoi Mobile MSN account



IT Chat settings of Your NEOI Mobile Phone  809 or 906

NEOI Mobile Phone 809 and 906 IT Setup instructions:

1.)   Your NEOI Phones already have the application installed , to open the application just press the lower arrow of the 5 way function pad :

a.)   Receive the Java Screen with the IT application ICON

b.) Press OPTION >  LAUNCH > OK … See Java open  … receive the  USER / Password screen

c.)  First time Users must set up the User Name and Password they received from NEOI

d.) Press  OPTION > New User , then enter Data for:  User / Password / Name / Last Name / eMail /

e.) Press > BACK

f.)    You are back to above  (b.)  Press OPTION > LAUNCH > OK ….. receive the USER / Password screen and enter USER and PASSWORD > Save … Option > OK > Connect > OK

g.)  See Connecting Screen running

h.)  First Time users may add another user to the list, suggest to add the USERS assigned Username for his PC / Notebook  NEOI Chat which he received from the Global service Team:

i.)     Press OPTION > Go to Add Contact > OK  enter User for example neoisupport ( to enter press # on You 906, get the enter screen, type the user name) neoisupport > Option > Done > OK

j.)    Choose Network > ( for IT users stay with  pre-selected  Instant-t) > ADD > be back at Connected screen , see all users you have listed and see (green) icons for Users that are currently Online.

k.)   Receive  Chat screen with your own user name on top and all your contacts that are connected with a green Icon in front or MSN contacts with the MSN Icon in front


2.)  After You connected to the NEOI IT Service with Your NEOI Mobile Phone and You had installed the CoomSuite NEOI Chat Desktop Client on your PC or Notebook ( Please see NeoiChat Instructions send to You), and had entered the new users ( your new NEOI user name and Your MSN/NEOI MSN user name) into the Desktop list, You will see the following connection indications ( below) on your PC screen

3.)   NEOI Mobile user ( example XXXXXXXX =  Your NeoiChat Mobile User Name )


4.) NEOI MSN Chat Client mobile ( example ) connected


5.) Next,…. To start a conversation from Your MOBILE screen go to an online user / contact, OPTION >  Send Message > OK >

Get writing screen  WRITE >  Press # on your keyboard, enter the write screen , type your message  then OPTION > DONE > OK > OK > receive screen with selection for

a.) emoticon Icon or Send  , select with Up / Down Arrows ,  OK>  if select emoticon > get emoticon Icons and select one with l.emoticon button, OPTION> Send> OK >  receive send screen with your text and emoticon icon

b.) If sent to Your desk top chat address, the desktop receiving window with your message will pop up on Your PC

If You have any questions, please contact , we also will have soon an instruction Video on our website .

Your Personal Username and Password:

 ( from )

Full Name: 





Mobile Phone Number:

NEOI Mobile Phone Type:   

Date bought:

Bought where? :

MSN chat address:    Password: tg123456

Your Usernames and Passwords:

1.)             NEOI mobile chat account:  66xxxxxxxxx       Password: tg123456

2.)             NEOI mobile chat MSN account:   Password: tg123456

3.)             NEOI Desktop IT Chat account:      Password: tg123456

4.)             MSN NEOI chat address:                   Password: tg123456

Thank You very much

Your NEOI Global Team

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