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NeoIT-Chat Instructions for NEOI 906, 809, 907,908 and 909  series *

* Neoi Phones can also RECEIVE eMails via SMTP /POP3, however sending eMails is restricted Internationally due to Carriers restrictions. Neoi offers special email accounts at a minimum yearly fee of EUR 25.- for sending and receiving mobile emails. Please contact

Congratulations, You just bought the world’s most advanced mobile phone, the only mobile phone that has an independent IT Chat application, to communicate secured with other NEOI subscribers mobile phones , and / or Your PC-desktop / Notebook  Computer ( Note: for Dektop / Notebook please install the Neoi IT Chat Client to communicate with Neoi Phones and MSN and / or use Your current MSN account linked ) * Yahoo, Google and other accounts available upon request  via MSN.

Here are Your personal usernames and Passwords, ( send to You in below format earlier by email) please keep confidential:

    IT Chat Username

IT chat Password

(MSN) Username

MSN Password

Subscriber Information

Activated Date

Subscribers eMail








** for details on Usernames and Passwords, please see separate eMail

You have received already the separate Instructions how to setup Your PC / Notebook  for NeoIT-Chat, to communicate secured  with other NeoIT-Chat subscribers and of course ( un-secured) with any MSN Chat subscriber.

These Instructions will guide You step by step through the setup of Your Neoi 906 and 809.

1.) The NeoIT-Chat is already integrated into Your Neoi Phones.

a.)  To access Your NeoIT-Chat,  Press the DOWN ARROW on the Keyboard


c.)  High light “Launch”  ( For Display movements use always the 4-Way Arrows , Up, Down, Left, Right), the center Button serves as “Enter”

d.)  Then Press OK and the Java screen will open,  after that the Username and Password Screen will open.

e.)  First Time User must enter their Username and Password.

f.)   To do so Press Option  then Ok , High Light  New User , Ok , enter Your Username .


g.)  To enter the User name  Press # on the Keyboard and get the writing screen


h.)  For selection of Letters / Numbers press the # several Times, the type Your Information, for example the Username ( Number ) You received 76546778, the Press Option, go to DONE, Press Ok

i.)    Repeat the same with Password , Name,  Last Name, eMail. Note: as eMail use Your eMail address which You used to apply for the NeoIT-Chat Account.

j.)    Once You have entered all the New Information for a New User, Press  Back  and You will see the Log On Screen with Your Information

k.)  Press Option , go to CONNECT, Press Ok, receive the Connection Screen.

l.)    Once connected you will see the screen with all users You have before programmed,  NeoIT-Chat Users, and MSN Users.

m.)  To open a Chat Conversation go to a subscriber ( in this example 67638381)  Press Option ,  go down to  Send Message , Press Ok,

n.)  Press Write , Press # to get the write entry screen, select like always, Letters and Numbers entry


o.)  Option ,  Send , Ok ( or add an emoticon Icon) receive the Send screen

p.)  Press Disconnect to return to User Screen, Press Exit , to exit the application, then Press the  Phone  Hang Up Button.

Main Phone Screen Unlock Make a Test Call





Setting Up WAP and GPRS for NeoIT-Chat

Please Follow these Instructions to set up a GPRS and WAP Profile for Your NeoIT-Chat Application.

Please note: You Need the GPRS and WAP set Up Instructions from Your SIM Card Service Provider, in order to set up the 906 and 809. You CANNOT use WAP and / or GPRS Settings from a 3rd Provider, which is NOT Your SIM Card Service Provider! Please see also  for settings information, Neoi has collected from many of its associated service providers globally.

1.)  Press MENU >>>  SERVICES >>> OK >>> Data Account >>>> GPRS >>>

2.)  Look for an empty Profile >>> EDIT

a.)  Account Name  = EDIT  >>>  (Name of Your Service Provider, same as APN   >>> Option >>                                              Done>>OK


b.)  APN  = EDIT >>  The name of the APN must be given by Your Service Provider >>> OPTION … DONE… OK

c.)  User Name and Password  EDIT ( must be given by Your Service Provider) or leave empty >>

d.)  DONE >> SAVE >> YES >>> BACK>>>


e.)  Select WAP  >>> Settings >>OK >>Edit Profile >>OK >> (Select an empty Profile)

f.)   Edit Profile >>OK

g.)  Rename Profile to   NEOI

h.)  Homepage :

i.)    Data Account  = Insert Name of the GPRS Account Profile You set up before >>

j.)    Connection Type  select WAP

k.)  Username and Password if given by Your Service Provider, otherwise leave empty

l.)    BACK>>>Activate Profile >> OK>>>YES   Done  Press Hang Up Button 




Adding a MSN or NeoIT-Chat Name to the address Book


1.) Press Down Arrow >>> OPTION >>> Launch >> OK >>OPTION >>> Connect>> OK


2.) On Conversations Screen press Option >>> Add Contact >>OK >>

3.) User:  enter User name / Number for Instant T secure NeoiT-Chat User, select Instan-t

4.) User: enter MSN user ID ( i.e.  or secure MSN id issued to You by NeoiT-Chat ( i.e. )

5.) AD>> OK >>

      Note: If You had entered your own  MSN and NeoiT-Chat Username into the NeoI-Chat Notebook / Desktop PC application, You will hear a connect sound and the user connect window with Your  906 / 809 mobile user Name will open on the PC / Notebook.


If You have any questions, please contact , or 


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